WoodAW1 WoodAW2
Defense 2
Foot 1
Boots 1
Threads 2
Tires 3
Air 1
Sea n/a
Lander n/a
Pipe n/a
Woods may be difficult for vehicles to traverse, but they provide benefits for units that do travel to them. Units stationed in Woods will gain 2 Defense stars, translating to 20% less damage taken from enemy attacks. While this is not as big of a benefit as parking on a property, Woods are generally less contested areas, and still provide enough defense to save your units from 1 HP damage taken as opposed to if the unit were on a Road or a Plain.

Woods have another benefit in Fog of War games; any Land unit stationed in Woods will be hidden from enemy view, unless they have a unit of their own adjacent to the woods. Since units may only be attacked if they are seen, this can be used to protect more valuable units from attacks in Fog games. Be aware that this bonus only applies to Land units, however; Air units flying over Woods will still be able to be seen normally by the enemy.

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