There are multiple victory conditions in Advance Wars By Web, not all of then are possible every game.

Victory conditions are set when the game is created.

  • Annihilation

Kill Everything that's not yours and you win, simple

  • Head Quarters Capture

Capturing a HQ defeats the owning player, no matter what, a player owns multiple HQs the capture of any of them eliminates the owner.

  • Lab Monopoly

If there are no HQs Labs take their place, they work like HQs except you have to capture all of a players labs to eliminate them.

  • Property

In some games taking a set number of properties under your control wins you the game. Most of the time this option is left off, but be sure to check for it when joining a game!

  • Forfeit

Sometimes the only way to win is to get the other player to give up

  • Draw

Not actually a victory condition, but if both players agree be clicking (set draw) the game is officially tied, use it to end stalemates.

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