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You might be able to get a glimpse of what I'm working on next in my Sandbox!

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Greetings! I am Shaw Fujikawa, an AW player from the UK. It's nice to meet you.

Unlike a lot of veterans of the series, I only played Advance Wars originally during the DS era, and I really enjoyed playing Dual Strike and Days of Ruin and have many fond memories from those games. I decided to take a look at the series again for nostalgia's sake after Advance Wars: Reboot Camp was announced, and from the ensuing rabbit hole I dived into I discovered Advance Wars By Web, a site I sorely wish I'd known about back in 2006 as then I'd probably never have wanted to stop playing!

Older and not a whit wiser, my hyper-competitive days are long behind me now and I have no ambitions to become a top AW player, but I still hope to leave a small and helpful mark on the community nevertheless, primarily through mapping help as I find the topic quite interesting. The best way to contact me if there's something to talk about is through Discord or through my message wall.

Thank you for checking out my profile and I will see you on the battlefield.