Tournaments are a type of competitive play in AWBW. As of June 2018, there are regular tournaments started each month. Please refer to for a list of tournaments.

Usually the tournaments are single elimination, but other formats may be implemented later.

Currently the top 1/4 of players are seeded by rating. That helps prevent the top players from all playing each other too early in the tournament. After that, the remaining 75% of players are seeded randomly

Signing up for a tournament can be done at when you are logged in. Please note that the sign-up period for each tournament is limited and you can only sign up for "Waiting" Tournaments and not for "Current" or "Completed" ones. Please keep in mind that activity is expected for tournament players. Inactivity can lead to warnings, or even bans for future tournaments.

During tournaments, the games are usually automatically generated. Each player will get assigned a CO randomly, with the chance to change the CO after the game has been created for you. After selecting the desired CO, you can press ready. With both players ready, the game will start. If one of the players does not ready up, the game will start automatically after a certain delay, depending on the boot settings (i.e. 2days for standard tourneys).

Tournaments often focus on specific topics or themes, usually based around the categories available for maps.

Previous Tournament ThemesEdit

Year Month

2017 November High Funds
2017 December Innovative
2018 January High Funds
2018 February Fog
2018 March Base Light
2018 April High Funds
2018 May Mixed Base
2018 June Unconventional
2018 July Broken COs
2018 August High Funds
2018 September Fog
2018 October Tags
2018 November Unconventional
2018 December Fog
2019 January High Funds + Fog
2019 February Broken COs + Tags
2019 March Mixed Base
2019 April High Funds + Tags
2019 May Fog
2019 June Retro Maps
2019 July Small Maps
2019 August No CO Powers
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