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Sturm is a Black Hole CO who utilizes high unit defense and low movement costs to become a defensive juggernaut.


Meteors only land on a square occupied by an enemy unit; this means there will always be an enemy unit at the exact center of any clump of units hit by a meteor.

Sturm's Meteor will aim for the most expensive group of enemy units on the map. Units at lower HP values will contribute less to this calculation, losing 10% cost for every HP lost. If Sturm's units are in the blast radius, their value will be subtracted from the calculation. If this leads to another group being more valuable on the map, the meteor will be diverted to that group. If, even with Sturm's units being involved, the target area is still the most valuable, the Meteor will hit that group, damaging Sturm's units in the process.

Playing as Sturm

Sturm's passive movement bonus allows for a lot more Infantry paths for capture phase, a lot more paths to choose from when attacking (he can be considered to have a permanent movement increase in heavy terrain), easier indirect unit repositioning, and a lot of other things. Sturm's Recons in particular ignore their large movement penalties when moving through Plains, allowing for very easy Recon harassment in the early game. This strength in particular is why he is banned on most maps, as it leads to insurmountable early game income leads. Sturm's D2D also makes placing units on heavy terrain very easy, and provides a way for him to further increase his already high defense.

As the game progresses, his increased defense becomes more valuable; his Infantry walls become very hard to OHKO (for example, even a Max Anti-Air has a chance to fail to OHKO an Infantry on Plains) and stronger units such as his Md. Tanks on good terrain are nigh-impossible to dislodge in a fair fight. Offensively, Sturm tends to favor indirect combat; his indirect units are easily protected by hard-to kill blockers, and the reduced offense does not matter as much on units like Artillery and Rockets. A few Tanks are still useful for the early game, and to block stronger units later on.

Sturm has almost guaranteed access to his SCOP due to how much he slows down the game; use it to cripple a significant portion of the opponent's wall and secure a massive advantage.

Playing against Sturm

Ironically, Sturm struggles vs other COs with defensive boosts, like Von Bolt, or Javier. Sturm's weak offense gets reduced even more against the defenses of these COs, making it very hard to gain advantages vs them, and generally making the life of the Sturm player miserable.

Sturm is usually forced to play a slow-paced game; while this benefits his SCOP, it also leaves him vulnerable to stronger SCOPs from other COs. Mass damage powers such as Hawke's Black Storm are considered a good counter to COs with boosted defenses, since the damage bypasses unit defense; Sturm is not exempt from this rule.

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