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Sasha is a Blue Moon CO who utilizes an above-average income to establish a unit advantage and limit her opponent's options.

Playing as Sasha

Sasha is a versatile all-around CO, whose Day-To-Day ability is viable on most any map that has a decent amount of properties. Even when keeping up with her opponent in property count, Sasha can build a funds advantage over time, allowing her to build higher-tier units more easily than her opponent. Over time, this unit advantage may become too much for your opponent to easily fight, forcing them to engage you on your terms. Since Sasha has no improved combat abilities, she relies on this advantage to keep up.

Market Crash is a fairly unique CO Power. For its low cost, it can deny her opponents the use of their CO Powers for some time. This is especially effective against COs like Eagle and Hawke, who have expensive, yet strong CO Powers, and relatively weak Day-To-Day abilities. It can also prove effective on COs with shorter CO Power Bars, but will have a more difficult time delaying their use, especially on COs like Adder. Over time, repeated use of this Power will slow the building of her own CO meter, so it cannot delay any power forever. War Bonds is a completely different Power, and proves quite effective at funding Sasha's army as more expensive units take the field. If she can find an opportunity to do a lot of damage with War Bonds, she can immediately follow up with expensive, high-tier units that her opponent cannot effectively counter, such as Mega Tanks and Stealths.

Sasha's biggest weakness is her lack of any combat-related boosts. Even with the 10% increased offense/defense granted from her CO Powers, Sasha's units are middling at best, which may give her difficulty when pushing through defensive lines and closing out games. COs who rely more on their Day-To-Abilities over their CO Powers to fight (Von Bolt in particular) will give her a difficult time throughout the game.

Playing against Sasha

Sasha is a CO who excels at drawing out games where both players are on equal footing to gain an edge. As such, you may need to be more aggressive so that she cannot use her Day-To-Day funding to build a sizable advantage over you. Playing to your COs strengths can be effective against her, as she has no combat strengths of her own. Just be aware that the longer a game is drawn out for, the more easily Sasha can produce higher-tier units which may give you trouble in the long run.

COs who rely on their CO Powers to be a threat will have a difficult time against Sasha, as she will repeatedly be able to use Market Crash and force you to fight on her terms. When planning an attack, it is best to assume that you will not be able to use CO powers following one of Sasha's turns. It may prove beneficial to fill your bar during your turn and use your CO Power midway through. While this may not maximize the benefits of your CO Power, a half-effective CO Power may be more beneficial than not being able to use it at all. Over time, Sasha's repeated use of Market Crash will slow down her CO Power Bar considerably, so eventually you will be able to get a Super CO Power in.

Overall, you will want to keep Sasha on the defensive as much as possible, as both her ability to build higher-tier units and her ability to effectively use Market Crash depend heavily on how many funds per turn she can secure. Denying her properties can lower her effectiveness more so than other COs and, with average combat effectiveness, she can be easy to bully with superior units.

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