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Sami is a CO who specializes in Foot soldiers and capturing properties.


Day-to-day Effects: All of Sami's foot soldiers have 30% increased offense and capture properties 50% faster (rounded down). Direct combat vehicles have 10% decreased offense. Indirect combat units are average. All of Sami's Transport units (with the exception of Cruisers and Carriers), have +1 Movement.

Power: Double Time -- All of Sami's foot soldiers gain 30% increased offense, 10% increased defense, and +1 Movement. All other units gain 10% increased offense and defense.

Super: Victory March -- All of Sami's foot soldiers gain 50% increased offense, 10% increased defense, +2 movement, and they complete capture operations instantly, regardless of property type or unit HP. All other units gain 10% increased offense and defense.

Below is a table outlining how many Capture Points Sami's foot soldiers progress at each HP level with her Day-to-day and CO Power.

Unit HP 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Capture Pts. 15 13 12 10 9 7 6 4 3 1

Playing as Sami

Sami is a strong early game bully. Her increased capture speed will allow her to take contested properties more easily, and her high offensive boost for foot soldiers will ensure any enemy Infantry will take significant damage while she is capturing. If Sami is able to begin a capture with a 10HP foot soldier, the enemy will have to reduce the unit in question to 3 HP or less if they want to delay the capture; any higher HP and the capture will still be completed in two days. Sami is also capable of damaging enemy infantry undergoing captures fairly significantly with her own foot soldiers, slowing down the enemy's early game economy. Sami's early game goal is to establish an economic advantage through speeding up her capturing, while also delaying enemy captures where possible.

While Sami's vehicles are slightly weaker than average, they should not be ignored. Tanks, while dealing less damage than Mechs, are still much more mobile units. If Sami has established a funds advantage in the early game, she can use this advantage to build more vehicles and Mechs than the opponent, hoping to keep this advantage until Victory March is available. Double Time, as a power, is generally not worth to use unless you have a decent amount of Mechs that will have new targets available with the +1 Movement. When Victory March is available, the goal is to focus on maximizing the amount of enemy properties within range of your foot soldiers, clearing any enemy units off of them in the process. If you have a foot soldier in range of the enemy HQ with Victory March available, you can instantly win the game with a capture, regardless of any other factors. Otherwise, your goal with Victory March is to take as many enemy properties as possible, severely restricting their income. If Sami is unable to secure an economic advantage in the early game, Victory March is the best time to fix that. If she is unable to capitalize well on Victory March, she may be put at a disadvantage due to her weaker vehicles.

Playing Against Sami

The biggest thing to keep in mind with Sami is the protection of your properties; Sami is much more capable of capturing your properties while your other units are occupied with other threats. Sami will be hard to fight in the early game because of her vastly superior Infantry, so you may need to concede certain contested properties if you cannot control them without suffering losses. If you can minimize the funding disadvantage, however, Sami will be much easier to keep up with in the Mid Game due to her weak vehicles.

Sami begins to become a large threat when her CO Power Bar nears 100%. The most obvious thing to keep in mind when fighting Sami at that point is to make sure your HQ is protected. If not properly defended, Sami may be able to clear a path to your HQ and capture it, ending in instant defeat. Beyond that, you will want to minimize the amount of open properties for her to capture; killing any stray infantry where possible is advisable, so long as it does not leave your units out of position. Given the length of her CO Power Bar, Sami will only generally get one or two chances at Victory March in a game, so if you can recover quickly from those turns, Sami will eventually have a hard time keeping up, as Sami has a difficult time with B-Copters and Md. Tanks.

If an opponent playing Sami tries to overwhelm you with Mechs, the best course of action to take is to start grouping Infantry with Artillery. Mechs have difficulty closing in on Artillery due to their low speed, but will do very high damage if they manage to, so keeping them protected is crucial. Tanks are not recommended to use against Sami's Mechs as they will take high damage, even on counterattack, generally leading to Sami winning those engagements. After the Mechs have been slowed down or stopped with Infantry/Artillery, Md. Tanks and B-Copters are strong units to progress to, as even Sami's Mechs do minimal damage to them.