Rachel is an Orange Star CO with a diverse set of bonuses, allowing higher potential for both aggressive and defensive play.


Day-to-day Effects: All of Rachel's properties heal units for up to 3 HP damage, instead of up to 2 HP damage. Rachel is still liable for the repair costs.

Power: Lucky Lass -- Rachel gains increased Luck (Luck range is set to +0% to +39%). All of Rachel's units gain 10% increased offense and defense.

Super: Covering Fire -- All of Rachel's units gain 10% increased offense and defense. Three missiles with the same range/damage as silos are fired. These missiles are aimed automatically, targeted, respectively, to deal the most damage to enemy infantry, deal the most damage measured in funds/value, and deal the most damage in HP. On AWBW, the following calculations and criteria are used to determine the targets of each missile:

Procedure for targeting all missiles:

1) Select all units on the map for all players, excluding any unit in a transport.

2) Define "friendly" units as any unit on the same team as person whose turn it is.

3) Loop through all tiles in the map, left to right then top to bottom. Sum the VALUE of all squares hit by the missile. If a tile's TOTAL value is higher than the current tile, pick the new tile as the targeting square.

4) Missiles are fired as INF -> COST -> HP.

Assigning VALUE:

INF missile:

If the unit is an infantry or a mech AND the unit is not on your team (i.e., exclude friendly units): VALUE = 1

Then, if the unit is capturing a building and the capture is not complete: VALUE = 2.

In summary, infantry and mechs are counted the same regardless of HP or COST. No other units are considered. Capturing is counted for double. No tiebreakers are assigned beyond the general positioning tiebreaker.

COST missile:

If unit is friendly, VALUE = -1 * unit_cost * ceil(units_hp_lost)

Otherwise, VALUE = unit_cost * ceil(units_hp_lost)

HP missile:

Same as COST missile, but only ceil(units_hp_lost).

All missile targets are simultaneously calculated at the moment Covering Fire was activated.


Rachel favors a slightly more aggressive style of play than normal; her improved repairs allow her to keep exchanging blows using units like tanks everyday and eventually get on top, not to mention it lets her charge up the (usually) game-ending Covering Fire. Just beware of starting fights despite a disadvantage, whether it may be in numbers or unit strength.

Rachel shares a problem with fellow repair-oriented CO Andy in that they often eschew CO powers for their much superior Super CO powers; Lucky Lass, however, sees better use on larger maps, where the enemy can easily divert Covering Fire, or when the enemy decides to mingle his troops with Rachel's, hoping to get her units hit by the missiles as well.

To use Covering Fire most effectively, one can destroy enemy units and clumps that are not part of the intended targets. It is often best to activate Covering Fire the turn you've enough star power to prevent the enemy from diverting the missiles; one can even make seemingly suicidal attacks (e.g. B-copter attacking an Anti-Air) just to get it off a turn earlier and catch the enemy off-guard.

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