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Very similar to a Md. Tank in functionality, Neotanks trade a somewhat higher cost for slightly increased movement, offense and defense.


Being very similar to Md. Tanks, Neotanks fulfill many of the same purposes. Neotanks, however, have 1 additional movement point, and are roughly 20% stronger offensively and 10% stronger defensively when compared to a Md. Tank.

The main benefit of a Neotank over a Md. Tank is it is much more reliable at completely destroying full-HP Tank units, something that Md. Tanks cannot do without multiple boosts to its offense. It is also much more able to destroy other low-tier units, such as Infantry and Artillery with one attack, even if the Neotank has sustained some damage. Its increased movement capabilities allow it to close gaps and obtain first strikes more efficiently than Md. Tanks, increasing their effective zoning power.

The main fault of a Neotank is its price; for the same price of a Neotank, one can buy both a Md. Tank and an Artillery, which is usually a much more efficient use of funds. Neotanks still take high damage from indirect fire, even with its slightly increased defense, so care must be taken around those units. As with Md. Tanks, it is not wise to rush purchasing Neotanks, as their high cost will severely hamper your map presence if you build them too soon.

Otherwise, the same build timing and strategies for Md. Tanks will apply to Neotanks.

Fighting Against

Neotanks largely share the same weaknesses as Md. Tanks; indirect attacks and B-Copters, in particular.

As stated before, Neotanks cost the same as a combination of a Md. Tank and an Artillery, a unit combination that is generally very effective at combating Neotanks. Md. Tanks can still do considerable damage to Neotanks, going even with them if they are able to get the first strike. This can be difficult in practice though, as the 1 additional movement a Neotank has will offer it more opportunities to first strike than vice versa, and Md. Tanks will be severely damaged by Neotanks.

Neotanks can still be deterred by indirect attackers, though caution should be advised when using Infantry to shield Indirect units; Infantry that are not on properties are very likely to be outright destroyed by a full HP Neotank, possibly exposing indirect units to attack.

B-Copters are also cost efficient soft counters to Neotanks as well. They may not deal incredibly high damage to Neotanks, but they cost less than half the price, as well as taking little damage from them in return. Repeated attacks can help to whittle down a Neotank to a state where it can no longer one-hit-kill most units, removing most of its strategic potential.