Nell is an Orange Star CO, whose lucky nature allows her to occasionally do significantly more damage on any given attack than expected.


Day-to-day Effects: All of Nell's units have increased luck (0% to +19%). Otherwise, all of Nell's units are average, with no strengths or weaknesses.

Power: Lucky Star -- Nell's units have an increased Luck Cap (0% to 59%). Nell's units gain 10% increased offense and defense.

Super: Lady Luck -- Nell's units have a further increased Luck Cap (0% to 99%). Nell's units gain 10% increased offense and defense.


Nell's day-to-day makes all units stronger, and is especially noteworthy in match-ups in which a unit would normally deal little damage, as luck damage is simply added to the damage output independently of the base damage. This is in contrast to attack boosts, such as those from Comm Towers, which scale with base damage. This effect is magnified with Nell's CO Power or Super CO Power, allowing even her Infantry to severely damage any unit it can attack. For example, while a 10 HP Infantry would normally deal 1% damage to an opposing Mega Tank with no defense/terrain boosts (and up to 10% total with standard Luck), Nell's Infantry will deal a random amount of damage between 1% and 100% when using her Super Power. In contrast, 10 Comm. Towers, providing a 100% attack boost, would double the base damage, resulting in a 2% damage output (and up to 11% total with standard luck).

With this tactic, Nell can make use of her more disposable units, such as Infantry, to inflict highly cost-effective damage to strong targets that would otherwise require heavier counters. However, due to the way damage is calculated, Luck will decrease proportionally with the HP of the unit, as well as with increasing enemy unit defense. Therefore, Nell's powers can be mitigated with heavy terrain and her units will lose value quickly as they become damaged.

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