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Larger, slower, and considerably more powerful than Tanks, Medium Tanks (Often abbreviated Md. Tank) are forces to be reckoned with.


Md. Tanks function similarly to Tanks, but trade 1 Movement point for stronger offensive and defensive strength.

Md. Tanks will outright destroy or cripple lighter armored units, such as Infantry, Tanks, and indirect combat units. Md. Tanks can hold their own against other Md. Tanks and Neotanks, with whichever getting the first strike coming out ahead.

They do low damage to Mega Tanks and Naval units, so it is not advisable to attack them with Md. Tanks unless there is no other option. While the Md. Tank's machine gun is much stronger than the Tank's against foot soldiers, it still does very low damage to B-Copters, so attacking them with Md. Tanks should be avoided.

As strong as Medium Tanks are against lighter units, they are not invulnerable to them. Artillery and Rockets still do significant damage to them, so care must be taken not to leave them in range of indirect combat units. Mechs, Tanks and B-Copters still do light damage to them despite being significantly cheaper, so if not careful, a Md. Tank can be worn down and overwhelmed by these units. Bombers in particular are also a large threat to Md. Tanks, dealing very high damage to them without fear of counterattack.

Despite their strengths, it is not recommended to rush purchasing Md. Tanks as soon as possible, as their lower speed and over double price compared to Tanks will reduce early game map presence. If a game is roughly even between players with groups of Tanks, a Md. Tank is a good buy to tip the odds in your favor, as a well-used Md. Tank counters Tanks handily.

Fighting Against

Despite being significantly stronger than Tanks, Md. Tanks still take moderately high damage from Indirect fire. Even with their low cost, Artillery are still very much effective at dealing damage to Md. Tanks.

B-Copters can also go toe-to-toe with Md. Tanks, while being significantly cheaper units. Md. Tanks are defenseless against Bombers and Stealths, and take high damage from them as well.

While being strong units, Md. Tanks are still only limited to attacking one unit per turn. On its own, a Md. Tank can do little against Artillery being protected by Infantry.

If the Md. Tank is being supported by other Tanks, be sure that your Artillery are fully protected, as Md. Tanks do similar amounts of damage to foot soldiers as Anti-Airs, likely exposing your indirect units to fire.

If possible, using Forests can prove to be advantageous, as Md. Tanks are slowed considerably by them, being one of the slower vehicles in the game.