Luck is a semi-hidden game mechanic that is in effect during all battles.

What is Luck?Edit

Whenever two units engage in battle, there may be some minor deviation in damage dealt compared to the actual displayed damage on an attack. This is almost always a positive modifier, with units doing slightly more damage, though there is a small chance that there will be no change in the displayed damage.  In the case of SonjaFlak, and Jugger, they may suffer from bad Luck, dealing less damage than what is displayed. The standard luck range for most COs is ±0%~+9% damage dealt, regardless of unit matchup.. For example, full-HP Infantry will deal 15% damage to an Artillery which, with luck, means the actual range of damage an Infantry will do will be 15%-24% damage. Note that all damage (including the luck component) is reduced by defense (see Damage_Formula).

Units that are damaged do not benefit fully from Luck. The maximum luck cap is reduced by roughly 10% for every HP a unit is currently missing.  The following table outlines the luck range COs with standard luck factors have at respective unit HP values:

Unit HP











Luck Range ±0~+9% ±0~+8% ±0~+7% ±0~+6% ±0~+5% ±0~+5% ±0~+3% ±0~+3% ±0~+1% ±0~+1%

While it is beneficial to get high luck during attacks, one should not rely on luck to make or break an offensive.  If one is rely on a lucky blow to elminate a unit and rolls low on luck, the opposing unit will be left standing with 1 HP, potentially blocking an entire offensive from progressing if it happens in an unfortunate place.

Nonstandard Luck RangesEdit

Not all COs follow the standard luck range, with some capable of higher levels of luck, some susceptible to lower levels of luck, and some also capable of either getting better or worse than normal luck on attacks.  Below is a table outlining the COs with unique luck ranges, and to what degree their luck will extend.

CO Passive (Day to Day) CO Power Super CO Power
Rachel ±0%~+9% ±0%~+39% ±0%~+9%
Nell ±0%~+19% ±0%~+59% ±0%~+99%
Sonja -9%~+9% -9%~+9% -9%~+9%
Flak -9%~+24% -19%~+49% -39%~+89%
Jugger -14%~+29% -24%~+54% -44%~+94%
Standard ±0%~9% ±0%~9% ±0%~9%
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