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The most expensive of the traditional transport units, Landers are the only transports capable of carrying land vehicles.


Unlike other transports, a Lander may carry up to two of any land unit. Loaded APCs count as one unit when loaded on a Lander.

Units in a Lander will be protected from harm until they are unloaded or the Lander is destroyed. As with all transports, if a Lander is destroyed, all loaded units are lost as well.

Combined with their unarmed nature and high cost, Landers should be protected when necessary. Since unloaded units may not act until the next day, any beach landing attempts should be secure before attempting, as unloaded units will be left in a vulnerable state temporarily.

If you already have Landers deployed and an opponent is playing a CO with direct-damaging powers, such as Rachel or Drake, loading valuable units onto a Lander may prove beneficial if you anticipate them to use their powers soon. Any units currently loaded into a Lander will be left undamaged by these powers, which will protect your army both financially and militarily.

Fighting Against

As Landers are harmless on their own, they are safe to ignore unless you can potentially sink one while it is carrying valuable units.

Most land-Based indirect, sea, and air units are all capable of doing respectable damage to Landers. If your opponent is attempting to unload units in a flanking position, take advantage of the fact that any unloaded units will be unable to act for a turn and either intercept those units, or move into a more preferable position.

If you do not have many units to contest the area the Lander is attempting to move to, you can try to take advantage of the Lander's limited areas to unload; blocking off any Shoals and Ports with other units will prevent the Lander from unloading units until they are removed, buying time to more properly react.