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Koal is a Black Hole CO who boasts increased offense on road. Other than that, he plays very similarly to Adder in most respects.


Even though Koal has no penalties and some bonuses he is still bottom tier. The bonus attack on roads is usually of little use, since players still should avoid leaving units on road tiles due to the absence of terrain defense there. Still, under some circumstances the attack bonus on roads can become useful, primarily if contested properties border on several road tiles, as the bonus along with a Comm Tower can allow Koal's units important 2HK0s for equal unit matchups (such as Infantry or Tank mirrors).

Unlike Adder, Koal has a more expensive COP making it weaker for use with cheap, slow units such as footsoldiers, especially if there are no roads to take advantage of. Otherwise, his benefits are the same, generally preferring more emphasis on direct units with which a movement boost is highly valuable.