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Jake (Japanese: ジョン John) is an Orange Star CO that specializes in fighting on plains. Jake is a good CO choice for beginners, as his powers offer him a degree of flexibility in play, while having no real weaknesses.


Jake is solid on many common AWBW maps, with no inherent weaknesses and an above-average day-to-day offensive power on plains. +10% attack is objectively a modest amount for a conditional boost, but it does affect air units and allows Jake to wallbreak consistently on properties with a Comm Tower boost in the important 55% base damage matchups that would otherwise rely on high luck rolls for a 2HKO. On maps with lots of plains in key locations such as around central cities, Jake can punch well above his tiering weight.

One of the most interesting aspects of Jake is not actually his D2D abilities, though. His COP comes fairly early, and with it he gets an okay attack boost added to plains on top of his D2D, but usually more importantly, a boost to the range of his indirect units. In some cases, your opponent will have to rethink positioning for several units simply because of Jake's ability to temporarily have Grit-style range. and it can be very useful for breaking heavy Infantry and Artillery stalemates. Worst case scenario for a Jake player, his opponent is forced to retreat his units for a day, giving up valuable ground and possibly even contested properties. Best case scenario, his opponent cannot fall back one tile without lose something valuable and will instead hold their ground, and you'll inflict significant Artillery damage on their walls.

Jake's SCOP gives a similar effect, but with two key differences: even more plains damage, and a dramatic +2 movement for all ground vehicles. The second bonus is a substantial upgrade for the additional 3 stars and has large benefits for all direct combat, primarily enabling many first-strikes in Tank vs Tank engagements and potentially allowing Anti-Airs to seek and destroy B-Copters just out of range, especially on maps featuring lots of open plains where direct units are unhindered by terrain. It is also quite helpful for positioning of indirects if the map in question has longer supply lines.

Naturally, Jake's main downside is that he has no real use on maps that do not feature plains, and on those maps he may have to rely on his COP or SCOP to survive, having unremarkable 100/100 units in such situations. Even on maps with plenty of plains, the terrain itself is not particularly favourable to fight from, having only Terrain Stars1 of defense, which often limits its use to fighting for decisive tiles where the firepower boost helps cross important damage thresholds. Finally, with most of his CO power budget concentrated in his SCOP, protracted battles that do not allow him to rely on his accompanying plains bonus and force him to use COP early also tend to not favour Jake, even against generally weaker COs such as Jess.

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