ABHeadquartersAW2 BHHeadquartersAW2 BMHeadquartersAW2 BDHeadquartersAW2 CIHeadquartersAW2 GEHeadquartersAW2 GSHeadquartersAW2

JSHeadquartersAW2 OSHeadquartersAW2 PCHeadquartersAW2 PLHeadquartersAW2 RFHeadquartersAW2 TGHeadquartersAW2 YCHeadquartersAW2
Headquarters for all 14 countries
Defense 4
Foot 1
Boots 1
Treads 1
Tires 1
Air 1
Sea n/a
Lander n/a
Pipe n/a

Headquarters will provide income at the beginning of each turn. If an enemy captures any of your Headquarters, you lose. If you capture one of your enemy's Headquarters, all of their headquarters will turn into cities and you gain control of all of their properties.

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