Hit Points (Often abbreviated to HP) are a visual representation of a unit's health status and, by association, its combat effectiveness.

The 100 Health System Edit

All units begin combat with a full 100% Health. If a unit is to ever reach 0% Health, it is completely destroyed and removed from play. As units lose HP, they will also lose overall combat effectiveness, dealing less damage as well as benefiting less from terrain defense. When engaging an enemy, the displayed number is a measure of how much Health damage you will deal to an enemy unit, with some slight deviance. If both units are direct combat attackers, the enemy unit will automatically counterattack after your attack, dealing damage in return. Since the unit who initiates the attack deals their damage before the enemy's counterattack, the attacking unit typically deals more damage than it takes in an otherwise even match up.

The 10 Visible HP System & Combat Edit

Due to the limited space of each individual unit sprite, HP is only visually displayed on a scale of 1 to 10 overlaid on the unit. Units at 10 (full) HP will not display a number. Each individual number represents a 10% range of total HP. For example, a unit displaying 9 HP has anywhere from 81 to 90 HP in actuality. For every Visible HP lost on a unit, they will deal 10% less damage in combat, and will also benefit slightly less from defense-boosting terrain. It is not advisable to attack healthy enemy units with moderately damaged units, as they will likely take more damage than they deal on the counterattack.

Repairing HP Edit

Since units lose combat power when damaged, it is usually better to repair them when possible, as completely losing units can quickly put you at a numeric disadvantage.

Properties Edit

The most common way to repair units is to have them stay on friendly properties. At the start of each turn, any damaged units on friendly properties will recover up to 2 HP. These repairs are not free, however, and cost the army involved 10% of the unit's cost per HP repaired. It is generally still preferable to repair units when possible, however, as they allow you to gradually rebuild units while leaving your factories free to build more. HQs, Cities and Bases repair ground units, Airports repair Air units, and Ports repair Sea units.

Joining Edit

If two damaged units of the same type are told to move to the same square, you will be asked if you want to join the two units. If you agree, the two units will join, becoming one unit, and combining their HP, Fuel, and Ammo totals. Should the combined result exceed 10 HP, any excess HP will be converted into funds equivalent of 10% of the unit's cost per HP over 10. Full HP units may initiate the join with damaged units, but damaged units may not initiate the join with undamaged units. Transport units may also not join unless both transports are empty.

Black Boats Edit

Black Boats are unique in that they are the only unit capable of repairing other units. Once per turn, a Black Boat may repair an adjacent friendly unit for 1 HP, filling its Ammo and Fuel in the process. This repair operation will cost the user 10% of the target unit's deployment cost to use.

Powers that Affect HP Edit

Alongside standard combat and repairs, there are various CO passives and powers that affect unit HP values.

Powers that heal lost HP Edit

  • Andy's Hyper Repair and Hyper Upgrade powers restore 2 and 5 HP to all of his units, respectively.
  • Rachel's properties repair her units for up to 3 HP, as opposed to 2 HP (She still has to pay for these increased repairs as normal, however.)
  • Hawke's Black Wave and Black Storm powers restore 1 and 2 HP to all of his units, respectively.

Powers that damage enemy units directly Edit

  • Rachel's Covering Fire Super Power launches 3 missiles that each deal 3 HP damage to units in a modest area. See her CO page for more details.
  • Olaf's Winter Fury Super Power deals 2 HP damage to all enemy units.
  • Drake's Tsunami and Typhoon powers deal 1 and 2 HP damage to all enemy units, respectively.
  • Hawke's Black Wave and Black Storm powers deal 1 and 2 HP damage to all enemy units, respectively.
  • Kindle's Urban Blight Power deals 3 HP damage to all enemies on urban terrain.
  • Sturm's Meteor Strike powers deal 4 and 8 HP damage to a modest area, aimed at the most expensive group of enemy units.
  • Von Bolt's Ex Machina Super Power deals 3 HP damage to a modest area, aimed at the most expensive group of enemy units.