Grimm is a Yellow Comet CO who favors crushing foes with raw power, at the expense of defense.


Day-to-day Effects: All of Grimm's units have 30% increased offense, but also have 20% decreased defense.

Power: Knucklebuster -- All of Grimm's units gain 30% increased offense and 10% increased defense.

Super: Haymaker -- All of Grimm's units gain 60% increased offense and 10% increased defense.


Grimm's strong offensive boost and terrible defense vastly change the way in which the game is played. First strikes are much more important than in standard gameplay, and defensive terrain does much less to discourage attacks. Attacking a unit on an uncaptured city usually results in a win for the attacker, although captured cities still give a strong advantage to the defender due to the power of repair. Grimm should build more directs than normal to take advantage of the weaker meatshielding and first strike heavy gameplay.

Grimm is one of the best CO's at using stealths in the game. The ability of stealths to become invulnerable to all units except fighters offsets his weak defense, but allows him to retain his offensive capabilities. Additionally, with the power of Haymaker, Grimm's stealth can cripple a fighter one on one utilizing its invisibility to gain first strike. This lets Grimm use a stealth as a unit with effectively no counter. This strategy does not work against some CO's, such as Andy who wins the fight with Hyper Repair, or Nell, whose luck will likely destroy the stealth, but can be an effective tactic against most of the cast. Be wary, however, of the moment of weakness created by saving up the funds for the stealth purchase - Grimm is very weak in a defensive position.

Important Matchups

One Hit KOs:

  • Tank v Infantry (0 Defense) : 70% Chance, 100% with comm tower or powers
  • Tank v Infantry (10 Defense): 30(40?)% Chance with 1 comm tower, 100% with 2 towers or powers
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