Welcome to the Glossary. If you want a term defined or you're unsure on how to define a term that you think is useful for other AWBW players, please leave a comment and a more experienced member will add it for you.

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The format used will be: Term goes here - definition goes here.


  • AAA - Amarriner
  • A-Air - Anti-Air
  • Active Player
  • AET - Auto End Turn - When the AET timer reaches zero the turn of the player ends automatically. AET can be avoided by finishing your turn or by setting vacation mode
  • Art - Artillery


  • Black Tiles - 0 Movement Power Tiles or Teleport Tiles because they provide free movement.
  • Blandie - COs with no Day-To-Day ability. Ex. Andy
  • Blocking - restricting your opponent's options by using your own unit as an obstruction. Ex. Blocking a base to prevent production
  • Boot - When the Boot timer runs out, the player looses the game. Boot can be avoided by making any move or by setting vacation mode
  • Broken - Too strong for standard play between two or more similar skill players
  • Broken 5 - Kanbei, Sensei, Grit, Colin, and Hachi
  • BM - Blue Moon


  • CO - Commanding Officer
  • COP - Commanding Officer Power


  • Day-to-Day - The abilities of a CO when not under the effect of CO Powers
  • D2D - See Day-to-Day



  • FoW - Fog of War
  • Flood - producing nothing but one type of unit
  • FTA - First Turn Advantage, the advantage given to player 1 by being first to play. Ex. Being able to produce the first tank or reaching a certain amount of income first.
  • FTA Counter - The advantage given to player 2 to balance out FTA, typically an extra pre-owned city or infantry


  • Ghost Unit - unit from a non-participating country that disappears upon the start of a game. Typically used to stop production from a given facility.



  • Inf - Infantry
  • Infantry Hop - the use of infantry and sometimes APC/T-copter increase your capture phase efficiency Ex. moving infantry #1 that has already captured last turn to a further neutral city and having infantry #2 who is next in line capture the city infantry #1 was on.


  • Joke Map - map designed for non-competitive reasons



  • Leapfrogging - using an APC or Transport Helicopter to effectively transport 2 infantry at the same time.


  • Meatshield - A unit placed at a particular position to protect your more important units Ex. Infantry protecting Artillery
  • Mech Flood - When a player produces a disproportionate amount of mechs turn after turn


  • Neo - Neotank


  • OHKO - One-Hit KO, killing a unit in one hit
  • OS - Orange Star


  • Playtest - Playing a game on a map to check for balance




  • STA - Second Turn Advantage, advantage for moving second on a map
  • Self-Voter - map maker votes on their own maps
  • SCOP - Super CO Power


  • Terrain Variety - enough terrain to provide interesting matches



  • Vacation mode - You can go to vacation mode for a maximum of 2 weeks. in vacation mode AET and boot timers can be avoided. Vacation mode will end if the players actively unsets the vacation mode, the time runs out or if any game relevant action is taken (e.g. moving a unit, building a unit, firing). (Note that choosing a co is not counted as such a vacation ending action). At the end of the vacation mode boot and aet for all games will be set to a certain minimum (i.e. 2 days for AET and the full boot interval which is set for the game) which should allow you to continue playing your games.