Units without a corresponding HQEdit

In AWBW, placing a country's units without giving them an HQ works differently. Instead of becoming "dummy" units like on the carts, they will disappear when the game starts, but also produce side effects that impact gameplay on that map. On AWBW, these units are referred to as "ghost units." Any tiles where these units are placed are considered to be "ghosted" and will have the following properties during gameplay:

  • Units cannot be built at this location
  • Units cannot be spawned by other means at this location, such as Hachi/Sensei's SCOPs

Aside from unit production, the tile will behave normally, including granting income and healing/refueling friendly units in the case of properties.

While these effects may sound detrimental to gameplay, they can be used in very clever ways to enhance the design of a map. For example, ghost ports and airports will function similar to temporary (air)ports from Days of Ruin in that they provide a place to heal and refuel the corresponding units without allowing players to use these sites to deploy more units. Similarly, a ghost port could be used as a bridge that both land and sea units can traverse, without offering the potential to be a production facility.

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