Fuel and Ammo are a measure of how many supplies the unit is currently carrying.


Every unit built or pre-deployed on a map begins combat with a specific amount of fuel, unique to that unit type.  Certain types of units (such as Infantry) have nearly limitless fuel, while others (Subs and Stealths in particular) have high fuel consumption and must be kept in mind when using such units.  Units consume fuel equal to 1 Fuel per 1 Movement Point spent.  Air and Sea units consume a set amount of Fuel at the start of each day, and if this causes the units to run completely out of fuel, leads to the unit crashing/sinking and be instantly destroyed.  Should a Ground unit run out of fuel, they will be unable to move until refueled, but will otherwise function as normal.

Losing FuelEdit

  • Sea units consume 1 Fuel at the start of each day, with dived Subs consuming 5 fuel at the start of each day.
  • Copter Units consume 2 Fuel at the start of each day, with Plane units consuming 5 fuel at the start of each day.  Hidden stealths consume 8 fuel at the start of each day.  Eagle's Air units consume 2 less fuel per day, meaning Eagle's copters, planes, and hidden stealths, consume 0, 3, and 6 Fuel daily, respecitvely.
  • Any unit damaged by Drake's Tsunami or Typhoon Powers will lose half of their fuel instantly, rounded down.


Similarly to fuel, most units built or pre-deployed begin combat with a pre-determined amount of ammo depending on unit type.  Not all unit types have weapons that need ammo, instead opting to use Machine Guns with unlimited ammo.  Any unit with both a Primary weapon and a Machine gun will opt to use their Machine Guns against foot soldiers and copters, so attacking these units with Machine Guns does not consume ammo.  If a unit's primary weapon runs out of ammo, it will be rendered unusable until resupplied.  Units with secondary weapons will use them instead until resupplied, usually doing drastically worse damage in the process.  Units without secondary weapons will instead be unable to attack or defend themselves until resupplied.

Refilling Fuel and AmmoEdit

  • Any unit that begins their turn on an appropriate resupplying property will have their fuel and ammo completely restored at the start of their turn. (Land units Resupply at Cities, Bases and HQs, while Air and Sea units resupply at Aiports and Ports, respectively.)
  • Any unit adjacent to an APC at the beginning of its turn or when it is told to resupply will have their fuel and ammo restored.
  • Similarly, any unit repaired by a Black Boat will have its fuel and ammo restored.
  • All of Jess' units are fully resupplied when she activates her Turbo Charge or Overdrive Powers.
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