Before one is able to play Advance Wars by Web, a player must either Create their own game or Join an existing game. This article will cover the creating and joining of traditional public and private games. See League and Tournaments for information on joining official matches.

Creating a Game Edit


The Create Game Menu.

Creating your own game allows you to play a game to your own tastes. To the right is an example of the Create Game menu, and outlined below are explanations for the various options:

  1. Game Name: The name of the game, for identification purposes. The set name must not be in use by another game. If it is, your game will return an error, and your game will not be created.
  2. Game Password (Optional): If left blank, your game will be publicly open for any user to join freely. If a password is set, other users will need to know the password to be able to join the game.
  3. Map: By default, this field will say "Click to select a map". Clicking this link will bring you to the map browser. Upon finding a desirable map, there will be a [Play on this map] link on the map page, below the map. Clicking this link will set the map to the selected map.
  4. Team: If checked, Teams will be enabled to be set freely by the game Host. Armies on the same team cannot attack each other, and will all be declared the winner should one (or more) players meet any victory conditions. If left unchecked, the game will be considered a Free-For-All, with the last person standing the winner.
  5. Country: This option is used to select which country on the field you wish to play as. If you wish to be another color, that may be changed while in the game lobby. For example, you want to play as Blue Moon on Spann Island but wish your army to be Red Fire. Set your army to Blue Moon on game creation, then use [Change Country] in the lobby to change your color after joining.
  6. CO: Select the CO you wish to play as. If you try to select a Banned CO, you will receive an error and your game will not be made. You may change your CO later in the lobby if you wish.
  7. Tags: If checked, all armies in the game will use Two COs (One at a time) instead of one. The currently leading CO's stats will be used in battle until swapped out for the other CO. Your CO selection in Field 6 will be your leading CO on game start.
  8. Tag CO: If tags are enabled, this is used to select your secondary CO. As with Field 6, you may not select a Banned CO. If tags are not enabled, this field has no effect on game creation.
  9. CO Powers: If On, COs will have their unique Day-To-Day stats and Super/CO Powers available. If Off, all COs will be the exact same statistically, functioning like Adder's units with no Super/CO Powers available.
  10. Fog: If enabled, Fog of War will be in effect through the whole battle. If disabled, the entire map will be revealed to all players at all times.
  11. Weather: Selecting "Clear" "Rain" or "Snow" will permanently force the game to have the selected weather effect in play. Selecting "Random" will have each player's turn have a randomly selected weather, with the rate of weather being 85% clear, 10% rain, and 5% snow.
  12. Starting Funds: The amount of funds each player begins the game with.
  13. Funds Per Turn: The amount of funds each property on the map gives players, per turn. Labs and Com Towers will always provide 0 funds per turn.
  14. Capture: If set to a value, the first person to hold the amount of properties set in the value will be declared the winner.
  15. Days: If set to a value, the amount of in-game days before the game is over. If there is no clear winner by the time limit, the player holding the most properties at the time limit will be declared the winner.
  16. Boot Interval: The amount of real-time days players have to complete their turn before boot. If players fail to take any action within the set amount of days, they will be automatically ejected from the game. Most any action (save for setting draw) will reset the Boot Timer.
  17. AET Interval: The amount of real-time days players have to complete their turn before AET (Automatic End Turn). If players fail to complete their turn within the set amount of days, their turn will be automatically ended. If a player trips the AET interval twice in a row, they will be booted instead. Unlike boot interval, players must complete their turn before it is ended automatically; AET is not reset by any player actions.
  18. Comment (Optional): Sets a comment for anyone to see in the game lobby. This comment will disappear on game start.
  19. CO Bans: Any COs checked in this field will be banned from play, unable to be selected by any player.
  20. Unit Bans: Any Units checked in this field will be banned from play, unable to be built by any player. If a unit is banned but also Pre-Deployed on the map, it will still be able to be used as normal, but no more may be built.
  21. Lab Units: Any Units checked in this field will require ownership of a Lab on the map in order to be built. If a map has no Lab, any Lab Units selected will be effectively banned from the game.

When finished, clicking Create will finalize most changes, and post the game in Public Games (If there is no password) or Private Games (If there is a password).

Joining a Game Edit


Joining a game with a password.

If you instead wish to just join a game, you may opt to browse both the public and private games list. Upon finding a game to your liking, clicking [Join] on the list will take you to the Join Game page. After selecting your preferred Country and CO, as well as entering the password (if required) you will be put in the game, starting when the host selects to.

Pre-Game Lobby Edit


An example of the Pre-Game Lobby.

Upon creating or Joining a game, the game will be listed under "Games Waiting to Start". Here you can overview some further options before the game starts. Upon game start, all options are final

  • Clicking your CO's portrait will allow you to change COs before the game starts. Banned COs will be greyed out.
  • Drop Out will remove you from the game if you do not wish to play.
  • Remove Player will kick other players from the game, if you do not wish for them to play.
  • Change Country will allow you to change your color. This will NOT change your position on the map, just what color your units and properties will be.
  • Delete Game will prompt you if you wish to delete the game. If confirmed, the game will be instantly deleted without starting.
  • Start Game will start the game immediately, if all player slots are filled. If there are open slots, this will instead say Invite Players, allowing you to directly invite other users to join your game.

In League, Tournament, and Z-Games, instead of a Start Game option, you will have a Ready option. Once all players have clicked ready, the game will automatically begin. Use caution with ready, you cannot unready once you have declared you are ready.

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