The chart below shows the countries in AWBW and their turn order.

OSLogo 1 Orange Star OSInfantry
BMLogo 2 Blue Moon BMInfantry
GELogo 3 Green Earth GEInfantry
YCLogo 4 Yellow Comet YCInfantry
BHLogo 5 Black Hole BHInfantry
RFLogo 6 Red Fire RFInfantry
GSLogo 7 Grey Sky GSInfantry
BDLogo 8 Brown Desert BDInfantry
ABLogo 9 Amber Blaze ABInfantry
JSLogo 10 Jade Sun JSInfantry
CILogo 11 Cobalt Ice CIInfantry
PCLogo 12 Pink Cosmos PCInfantry
TGLogo 13 Teal Galaxy TGInfantry
PLLogo 14 Purple Lightning PLInfantry
Arlogo 15 Acid Rain Arinfantry
Wnlogo 16 White Nova

More info on the countries' units, themes, and random trivia are available here.

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