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Communication Towers are unique properties that give a stackable 10% attack buff to all units.

Though appearing to be a relatively small bonus, the benefit of Comm Towers lies in the improvement to the consistency of attacking units without needing to rely on luck. It makes COs without an attack bonus hit as hard as Hawke does by default, and allows them clean 2HKOs on modest terrain for many important unit matchups, primarily Infantry and Tanks. COs who already have an attack bonus of some sort meanwhile, such as Hawke himself, can now consistently 2HKO on properties under the same circumstances.

Most competitive maps in AWBW will feature at least 1 Comm Tower per player, as reducing the reliance on luck generally produces better and more skilful gameplay overall as well as helping to reduce the chances of stalemates from needing to commit 3 or more units to kill 1 opposing unit. Some maps may feature 2, mainly on maps with thick terrain or where the 2nd tower requires a major investment of resources to capture, though this is the exception rather than the norm. Maps with more than 2 Comm Towers are exceedingly rare as an excessive attack boost can make gameplay too swingy with defensive walls difficult to set up.

In addition to the above universal bonuses, Javier has an affinity for Comm Towers, with each one giving his units an extra 10% defense as a baseline and a further 10% and 20% when he uses COP and SCOP, respectively. As defense as a stat is much stronger than attack and becomes exponentially more so the more it is stacked, just 1 Comm Tower is enough to elevate him to a top tier CO, with 2 making him one of the strongest COs in the game and 3 or more making him unarguably the strongest. As a result, he is always banned on maps with 2 or more Comm Towers per side.