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Colin is a Blue Moon CO who uses lowered unit costs and cash-boosting powers to gain a large advantage in battles.


Colin is often considered too overpowered for serious games on AWBW and is thus often banned in such games. Nevertheless, in casual games where he is allowed to be picked or in randomly generated T0 Z Games, there are ways to optimise his gameplay:

  • Colin builds ~90% efficient units for 80% of the cost, making him actually efficient, albeit a bit slipshod, with his units.
  • Due to his cost decreases, you will tend to build the first vehicle on the map. Build artillery or tanks depending on the chokiness of the fronts; (very) early recons can be very effective, if not risky, for harassing infantry trying to capture faraway cities or bases. If the map requires you to build naval transports, rejoice in your 6000-g Black Boats.
  • Your units are weak on the offense, you might as well try to outnumber the enemy to render such weakness null and void. Staying on heavy terrain whenever possible will also prevent your units from being too much of a pushover.
  • Against COs with vastly superior units (think Kanbei, Von Bolt, Javier with a Com Tower), artillery and rockets will help. Or just shove Megatanks and Bombers in their faces, your call. Out-teching your opponent feels a lot better, but may backfire horribly; tech up responsibly.
  • A particularly evil tactic to use is to do a double Gold Rush: basically it's saving enough power for two uses of Gold Rush (~5 stars), then using it for two consecutive turns, buying only infantry on the first. Doing that will usually get you enough cash to buy at least an Md tank on every base, all but ending the game within a few days if not against another broken CO.
  • Alternatively, waiting a bit more for Power of Money will let you hit extremely hard, hopefully enough to cripple or destroy most of the opponent's forces. Take note that having 30,000 spare funds will let you hit twice as hard with Power of Money active. (Reaching this amount is easy, even with just the spare change from building and repairing units on the cheap.) Use this only if your units are in position to attack most of the enemy army, though; do a double Gold Rush otherwise.
  • Feel a bit cheap, this is Colin you're playing as. Fits his theme too.

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