Co have can different effects on units that come in three categories

Day to day

D2Ds are permanent and active 100% of the time. This is generally an increase or decrease in the attack or defence of specific units. For example, all of Jake 's units become 110/100 on plain. 110/100 means that they have 110% their normal attack value and 100% of their normal defence value. This attack/defence notation will be used to list the abilities of different COs.

CO Power

A CO Power can be activated when smaller portion of the Charge Meter is filled. It grants an additional increase in the CO's attributes. This can be a further price reduction in the case of Hachi or even a fund increase of 50% in the case of Colin. Every CO Power will give every unit under the CO's control a universal +10/+10 boost on top of their normal Day to day stats. All of the above changes will be accounted for when we state the attack/defence of a CO using their CO Power. CO Powers last until the start of your next turn.

Super CO Power

Basically the same as a CO Power except your Charge Meter must be completely filled. Attack/defence notation will account for all increase and decreases.

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