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Artillery are low-cost indirect vehicles. They serve as the primary defensive unit projecting power across front-lines.


Artillery sacrifice overall mobility for increased damage output. Their attacks deal moderate to high damage against Land and Naval units, with the exception of the Mega Tank, and so are considered the most cost-effective counters to Medium Tanks and Neotanks.

Artillery are also better-equipped to handle certain terrain elements that hinder or stop land units, being able to fire over Mountains, Rivers, and Pipes. Due to these properties, Artillery are fundamental to most army compositions.

Despite their strengths, exclusive use of Artillery will not win battles. Artillery have poor defense in addition to being unable to counterattack; they take significant damage from all units, including multiple Infantry attacks. Forgoing other units in favor of Artillery will lessen a player's ability to maneuver and take position. Artillery have limited mobility and therefore work best when protected by other units such as infantry.

Fighting Against

Since Artillery benefit from dense terrain for protection, it is advisable to engage artillery formations in open areas. Doing so will force an opponent to dedicate more units to protect the artillery and spread their line. This effectively thins the defensive barrier exposing the Artillery to attacks. Pushing through heavy terrain to attack Artillery will likely give it time to make attacks or reposition.

While strong, a lone Artillery cannot kill many full HP units on their own, and require other units to finish them off. It is often best to try and pressure Artillery groups into falling back before they have time to establish a defensive wall in front of them.

B-Copters are quite effective at combating Artillery, as they can deal damage to shielding units without fear of retaliation from the Artillery, and are not slowed by most terrain features that would otherwise protect the Artillery.

The longer range of Rockets will also prove to be threatening to Artillery, capable of bombarding the Artillery's shielding units and leaving it exposed to attacks.