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Andy is an Orange Star CO whose lack of any strengths or weaknesses allows for more versatile play. As such, Andy is a good CO choice for beginners.


Having average units across the board, Andy has no inherent weaknesses. As such, Andy can compete in many matchups. Due to his lack of any Day-to-Day abilities, Andy is relatively weak in the early game, instead relying on his powers in the mid-to-late-game.

For 3 Stars, Hyper Repair (COP) is a rather underwhelming power, and should only be used if Andy's units desperately need 2 HP, like after suffering an opponent's Mass Damage Power. Otherwise, it is generally preferable to save up for Hyper Upgrade (SCOP). Hyper Upgrade gives Andy a huge advantage with increased offense and movement on top of the 5HP global repair. When playing as Andy players should keep severely damaged units alive as they can be restored with Hyper Upgrade, giving Andy high comeback potential. Players may also consider using Hyper Upgrade at or near the end of the turn under specific circumstances. This would allow players to take especially risky moves or attacks without risking a devastating counterattack.

If playing against Andy, focus on eliminating his units entirely. This will weaken the power of his SCOP. Be especially mindful as his Power Bar increases.

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