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Welcome to the AWBW Wiki!

Advance Wars by Web (often referred to as AWBW) is a site where people can play Advance Wars online. AWBW attempts to accurately reflect the original Advance Wars cartridge games, but does have some added features (and some bugs and glitches here and there) and a wider selection of COs from the games.

AWBW allows for competitive play via the Global League ladder . Tournaments with specific themes are also held as well.

AWBW is being frequently updated since December 2017 and aesthetic and functional changes are being implemented by its members and the Map Committee. All changes to AWBW are recorded in a Changelog here.

Members of AWBW may feel free to chat with each other on AWBW's Discord server here.

AWBW also has a forum for AWBW updates as well as general discussion.

There is an older read-only forum as well that contains posts from AWBW's infancy here, as well as a wayback machine archived version here.

If problems with AWBW are encountered, you may report them on the Forum, or on the Discord server for a more prompt response. Suggestions for this Wiki are welcome in those places as well.

This Wiki was created as a resource for new and old members of AWBW alike. Here are some pages to get you started:

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