Multiple HeadquartersEdit

In AWBW, you can place multiple HQs on a map for a country. However, note that losing any one of those HQs will result in a defeat for that player.

Units without a corresponding HQEdit

In AWBW, placing a country's units without giving them an HQ works differently. Instead of them becoming "dummy" units like on the carts, they will disappear. However, there is a side-effect that you can exploit. If you place a units without an HQ on a producing property (Base, Port, Airport), that property will be unable to build units, even if it later changes hands to a different player. While this may seem bad initially, this can be used for a few unique effects. For example, a line of disabled ports can be used as a "bridge" that both land and sea units can cross, and you won't have to worry about players using that "bridge" as a naval production center.

Warning: Tiles occupied by ghost units cannot have units "created" on them. This means that Hachi and Sensei cannot build/get units on cities that had a ghost unit on it, and you cannot unload a unit from a transport to a tile that contained a ghost unit.

Breaking map limitsEdit

As you may have noticed, there are maps that have more than 8 players, maps that are beyond the 40x40 limits, and maps with black squares, which cost 0 movement points. To do this, all you have to do is create a text (notepad) file. In that text file, make a line of periods. (.......) If you want a black square, then use a space instead of a period in that place. To set an amount of players, use an appropriate number of i's instead of periods (i.e. a 14 player map will have 14 i's). The size of the map depends on the line of dots; if you want a 32x20 map, then have 20 lines with 32 characters in each. Once you're done, go to the upload function in Design Maps, and upload the text file in AWBW format. Then you can edit it to whatever you need.

Warning: Do not unpublish a map with more than 8 players. If you do, you won't be able to re-publish it, and you'll be forced to re-upload the text file.

To have a map beyond the 40x40 dimensions, copy this code into a text file, and save the file as an html file (by adding .html to the name when saving the file), then run the file.

<form name=create action= method=post>

Name:<input class=text name=maps_name>
Height:<input class=text name=maps_height>
Width:<input class=text name=maps_width>
Number of players:<input class=text name=maps_players>

<input class=submit type=submit value=Submit> <input type=hidden name=maps_new value=1> </form>

As of yet, it is unknown how to merge extremely large maps with black squares and >8 players

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