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Adder is a Black Hole CO who makes up for unremarkable units with frequent use of his powers to create decisive strikes.


Adder lacks any distinguishing advantages with no D2D powers making him Low Tier. However, having a 2-star CO Power, gives players the chance to spam it. This means he gets 110/110 offense and defense every other turn, and nearly every turn on larger maps.

Players should take extreme advantage of Adder's Powers. To make the most of it, take the extra movement range into account when making moves. Having extra movement for all units benefits infantry and Mechs most as it allows them to reach the front and capture targets sooner. The bonus movement also has potential to break stalemates through out-maneuvering.

Often, it is most appropriate to use the COP over the SCOP. The reason being that players can activate their COP two turns in a row if the power bar is full. This gives them a Von Bolt-level unit strength with high frequency. At the same time, a charged bar will threaten uncertainty of moment potential will force opponents to play more cautiously. The opposing player may cede terrain or important positions to avoid unfavorable trades.

Adder or Koal?

While he doesn't have the Road-fueled firepower bonuses of Koal, Adder's two-star COP, outplays Koal's three stars that cannot be activated twice in a row. So even when playing on a map with a fair amount of Roads, there is still merit in choosing Adder over Koal.